Soft Tissue Injuries in Cats

Marley is getting much more brave, my furiends. As soon as the human goes to bed, she will hop on the bed and roll around and she will spend quite a bit of time there. She is also wandering around the bedroom a lot more, although when Jacey or I get too close, she will head back into the crate which is her safe area.

The Common Cat Injury of Soft Tissue Trauma can be Caused by Falling
Falling Cats can Suffer from Soft Tissue Injuries

Last night, Marley was so excited that when she was rolling around the bed, she fell off it! This, along with a video I saw of my fellow special needs cat Cloud doing something similar, made me decide to tell you about a common cat injury. I will tell you about soft tissue injuries in cats.

Both Marley and Cloud were okay after their fall. But sometimes, when we fall, we felines suffer from soft tissue injuries. Just like you humans, we felines have muscles, tendons, and ligaments around our bones and joints. Damage to these is one of the most common cat injuries. The human tells me that is the case for you two legged creatures as well.

Even though you walk on two legs and we walk on four, the symptoms of these injuries are the same for both of our species. We will vocalize at the time of the injury. I have heard the human shout when he does something that is painful, and we will meow loudly if we are hurt, too. Limping is another sign of this common cat injury. And sometimes, there may be swelling at the site of the injury.

A Typical Cat Injury Does Not Require Crutches
A Typical Soft Tissue Cat Injury Does Not Need This

The treatment for this cat injury is the same as the treatment for humans suffering from one. Minimize movement, reduce any inflammation present, and manage the discomfort as much as possible.

For rambunctious and playful bengals like me, Jacey, and Marley, minimizing movement is a difficult thing to do. We like to play, after all, and it is in our nature to run around. Try to keep us from jumping on things or from running excessively. It is likely the pain will make us stop, but you never know with a determined feline.

With rest and time, it is likely this cat injury will heal on its own. But if it continues to cause problems after an extended amount of time, take us to the humans in white coats.

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2 Replies to “Soft Tissue Injuries in Cats”

  1. My Selmin had something like that some weeks ago. In the morning I noticed it. In the evening I examined his paw to see if he´d got something in it. I also tried to examine his leg and at one spot he pulled the leg away. So obviously it was there. Wasn´t sure what to do, but decided to wait until next morning and then it was almost gone. Just a small limp that I hardly noticed. If I didn´t know about it I sholdn´t have seen it. Thank you for explaining this to me so I know until next time. (Hopefully there won´t be a next time 😉 ). Thankfully he let me examine when there is something. Mirrin doesn´t like me to poke around… 😉

  2. We do not like to have injured areas of our body manipulated because it is painful. That can be a sign that it is time to take us to the humans in white coats. If we are hurting for more than a few days, it is best to take us there to check.

    Hopefully they will not require you to give us medication. The human knows better than to try to get something in my mouth when I do not want to take it!

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