California Bengal Cats Need Your Help

I am sorry to keep coming back to this story, my furiends, but it is very important. I started to talk to you to raise awareness of feline diabetes, but before I became a diabetic cat, I was a bengal cat. And now some humans wish to have bengal cats, and other domestic hybrid breeds, banned in California.

This Sweet Bengal Cat is NOT a "Franken-Feline"
Oppose the Ban on Bengal Cats Like Marley

My furiends, they are relying on lies about us to scare uninformed humans. Their press release announcing the petition for the ban starts by calling us “franken-felines.” Then they go on to say that we are larger than other domestic breeds and that we exhibit aggressiveness, spray more often than other cats, and are at higher risk of abandonment due to us being “wild” cats.

They lie more when they say that we cannot go to shelters because the shelters will not accept us. Someone needs to tell the San Diego Humane Society this, because they took in 30 bengal cats when a breeder died and placed all of them within a week.

The petition for this ban on hybrid domestic breeds is going to be on the agenda of the California Fish and Game Commission’s October 8 meeting. They will not decide whether to adopt or reject a ban at this meeting. Instead, they will decide whether there is a reason to begin the rule making process for a ban on bengals like me, Jacey, and Marley as well as our fellow domestic hybrid breeds of chausies and savannahs.

If they decide to begin the rulemaking process, there will be multiple public sessions and a 45-90 day public comment period.

We Bengal Cats are not "Franken-Felines"
Jacey and I are Not “Franken-Felines”

Furiends, I ask you to take a look at me, Jacey, and Marley and ask yourself if we should be banned.

I know you do not believe we should be banned. We are domestic cats with lots of energy, intelligence, and athleticism and for humans like ours, we make for great companions. Some workers came to the home to paint the balcony railing, and they could not stop talking about how cool they thought we were.

If you agree, please write the commission to let them know you do not believe we domestic hybrid breeds should be banned.

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3 Replies to “California Bengal Cats Need Your Help”

  1. OMG this is sooooo stupid. I have several friends with Bengal cats and I´ve never heard them complaint any more than humans with other rases. My earlier cat Rulle wasn´t a Bengal, but he was built a lot like a bengal with very long legs. He was like a small dog! He was my sweetest baby boy, dog, kittie! <3 <3 <3

      1. You are so true! I´ve been trying but it have decided that I should use an e-mail I haven´t used in about 100 years and that I have no idea what password I have to… 🙁 I´d like to use hotmail/outlook but I can´t get the address for doing it :(. Do you have an address where to send it?

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