Lincoln Has Good News To Share

I am sure that most of you know the story of Lincoln. This amazing special needs cat was found by the kind humans at Tenth Life and he was a completely paralyzed ball of fur. But through the work of his human, who was kind enough to visit Jacey, Marley, and me, he was able to recover and is now a fully mobile and happy cat.

Tenth Life and Lincoln’s human take in many special needs cats who other animal rescue groups do not have the capacity to handle.  And it is always a happy day when one of those felines finds a furever home. That means that Lincoln and his human can foster other felines, which allows Tenth Life to take in more special needs cats.

Special Needs Cat Lincoln Has a New Roommate
Kodah Joins Special Needs Cat Lincoln

The latest addition to Lincoln’s home is a cute little kitten named Kodah. He was malnourished when he was taken in, but thanks to the care of Lincoln’s human and the humans in white coats, he has been gaining weight and getting healthy.

Soon, Lincoln and the other felines in the home will be able to play with Kodah. He is a cute little cat, and I am sure Lincoln will welcome him.

Some felines left Lincoln’s home recently, but that is good news. In addition to taking care of many special needs cats, Lincoln’s human took in a family of baby felines and their mother. Three of the four kittens from this litter, who are all grown up, have gone to their furever homes!

Special Needs Cat Lincoln Sends His Foster Feline to a Home
This Cute Feline Is Going to Her Furever Home

The latest one is a girl with a dilute calico pattern and a very soft coat.  She loves to run around and play, and she will be able to do that in her new home where she will join a feline who looks very similar to her!

It is always a happy and sad moment when a feline must say goodbye to the human who has helped them because they are going to furever home. But Lincoln told me to tell you to smile, and I think he is right.

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