Stinky Hobbes Needs Our Help

When there is a cat rescue, we know the feline is happier. But sometimes, the human doing the cat rescue is helped as much as the feline. Remember the story of the homeless man whose act of kindness towards a feline inspired him to write a book? Or the woman whose care of felines at a graveyard helped turn her life around?

Help Make the Happy Cat Rescue of Hobbes Even Better
Hobbes Can Use Our Help

The situation around the cat rescue of Hobbes, who is also known as Stinky, was not nearly as bad. The human who rescued him was sad because she had lost her mother, but she was not living on the streets. Hobbes was, and one day, he showed up on her doorstep and waited for her to come home from work. When this human saw Hobbes, she decided that she was going to take care of the little ginger furball. She cared for him, and he helped her make it through a difficult time.

That was ten years ago, and now it is Hobbes who is having a difficult time. He went to the humans in white coats because he was in pain. There, he had some teeth removed, and his human and the humans in white coats thought that would be all that was needed.

That was not the case, as subsequent visits to the humans in white coats showed. Hobbes had surgery to remove a growth in his mouth, and they also removed a small piece of his jawbone. Another growth was found in his ear, and that was removed as well.

Please Help Hobbes
Hobbes Needs our Help

It will come as no surprise that all this treatment from the humans in white coats requires lots of green paper things. I offered to send catnip and Jacey and Marley promised to send happy meows to Hobbes, but the human told me that the humans in white coats cannot accept those as payment.

Hobbes can definitely use our healing thoughts and warm wishes. Please visit his page to wish him well.

If you would like to give Hobbes some of the green paper things he needs for his treatment, you can contribute to his fund. And if you cannot give anything, please share his story.

I know that Hobbes will see all of your warm wishes, healing thoughts, and gifts of green paper things as his second cat rescue and he will be happy.

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