Goodbye To Joey The Garden Cat

Today I must bring you sad news. One of my fellow felines has left us. His story is a very intriguing one and it shows how the bond between you two legged creatures and us four legged creatures can be very good for both species.

One day one the grounds of KTHV in Little Rock, Arkansas, a human was taking a break and enjoying what they call their weather garden. They already had one semi feral cat who they had named Larry The Garden Cat, and the human was observing him relaxing. This human saw something flash by the on the deck and run under the deck.

Former Feral Cat Joey
Joey the Garden Cat by the Flowers at KTHV

The human was worried that there was going to be a cat fight. But that did not happen. Instead, Larry strolled over and rubbed noses with the new feline, who would be named Joey the Garden Cat. Clearly, these two semi feral cats were furiends.

Larry liked humans, but Joey was wary of you two legged creatures. In order to entice Joey to come out, noms were provided. He eat the noms quickly, and saw Larry being petted by the human who would later care for both of these felines. Joey watched very closely but it was clear he wanted the human to go away so he could play with his furiend.

Felines like me, Jacey, and Marley are used to humans and we love interacting with you. Jacey likes to keep meowing until the human gets annoyed and tells her to be quiet, and then she will run across the room. It is her game, and the human tries not to play, but eventually she wears him down.

For feral cats, though, interacting with humans is not something they like as much. Joey started to hang around the garden because he knew he could get noms, it had a heated bed, and most importantly, his furiend Larry lived there.  They would play constantly, and when they were tired, they would sleep on the deck together.

Former Feral Cat Joey at KTHV
Former Feral Cat Joey Learned to Trust Humans

Joey learned from Larry that humans are okay. For a while, he would stand close to the humans at KTHV, but when they went to pet him, he would pull back. Eventually, though, he learned to trust the humans there and became a fixture among them.

And these humans returned the love to this once feral cat. He got sick, and the humans in white coats helped him recover. But the latest challenge was too much for this brave boy to overcome, and he had to leave us.

Many humans are very sad that Joey The Garden Cat has left us. I did not know of his story until after he left, but I hope that he and Larry are now playing in a bigger garden. Joey’s life changed because a group of humans cared enough about a feral cat to bring him into their lives.

And while it is sad that Joey has left us, that makes me happy.

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