Best Furiends Borys and Walter

Many of you humans say that we felines cannot get along with our fellow four legged creatures, canines. And it is true that sometimes we fight with them. It is because our body language is so different. When a canine is wagging its tail, it is happy. When a feline does this, it means the opposite. This can lead to misunderstandings.

But sometimes, despite this, felines and canines become best furiends. And that is what has happened with Borys the bengal cat and Walter the greyhound. They are best buddies.

A Bengal Cat and Greyhound are best friends
Borys the Bengal Cat and Walter the Greyhound

Borys was already living with his humans when they decided that they were going to rescue Walter. Walter came to them through the Southern Alberta Greyhound Association, who rescued him from a race track in Idaho.

There are some humans who say that greyhounds cannot live in a home with cats, because their chasing instinct and prey drive is too strong. That is not always true. Besides, I do not care how fast a canine is. In a home environment, we cats have the upper hand because we can climb to places they cannot get. Especially bengal cats like me, Jacey, Marley, and Borys.

And this was not a problem for Borys and Walter. Despite being rescued from a race track, Walter did not chase Borys around. Instead, he found the presence of my fellow bengal cat to be very comforting.

Borys the Bengal Cat Washes Walter the Greyhound
Borys Giving Walter a Bath

The two are now best furiends. They like to snuggle together, nom together, and when it is time for Walter to get a bath, Borys will keep him company. Maybe it is good that Borys is a bengal cat because we are a breed that does not mind water.

It is always fun for me to share stories of animal friendships that make humans smile. Borys the bengal cat and Walter the greyhound definitely have one.

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