8/31 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, kind humans. I hope you are enjoying your day. The human tells me that where I live, many of you humans are not going to that place called work. That is good, because that means you can be more like us felines and sleep more, play more, and eat your noms without being rushed!

Cat Relaxing at Beach
I Hear Many Humans Do This Today

It’s time for me to give you an update on my blood sugar readings for the week. Blood sugar testing is something that we diabetic cats must endure in order to make sure that we keep our glucose in a range that is not hypoglycemic and not so high that it will cause problems over time.

This week, we have a very unusual situation! My blood sugar readings averaged the same as they did last week. They came in at 219, which is not too bad.  It is not ideal, but it is not at a level where my body has to work too hard. And it definitely is not at a level where hypoglycemia is a concern.

The high reading for the week was 288, which is higher than we like but still not too bad. The low was 150, and we had a few other readings in that 150-200 range that makes my human happy.

In all, it was not a bad week for my blood sugar readings. We seem to have found a dose where slight adjustments yield good results. What is even better is that most of my blood sugar readings are associated with the same dose. As with any medication, it is best to have consistent dosing for insulin. The human is happy that we are at a point where we do not alter my dosing too much.

I will let you know what my blood sugar readings next Monday. But please remember to vote for me in the Diabetic Cats in Need contest for their 2015 sugar cats calendar.

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