Cat Rescue Story Of Popcorn

This week, I have shared some sad stories that did not make me happy. That is why today I want to share with you a very happy cat rescue story. It features a tiny little kitten who knew that the human who found him when he was sick would be one who could not turn away a feline in need. Now, he is in a loving home.

Popcorn’s cat rescue story started on a very stormy day, where many of those watery things were falling from the sky. Despite the downpour, a human noticed a faint meowing. After looking to see where it was coming from, the human noticed a tiny grey furball hiding under a car.

Since this human had seen a feline mother and kittens, they put this guy by where they had seen the other cats, hoping that the mother would care for this kitten. The kitten had other ideas. As soon as the human walked away, he ran after them as quickly as his tiny little feet would let him. This happened a couple more times, and then the human decided that Popcorn could not be left alone.

A closer look revealed a kitten that was in bad shape. Popcorn was very malnourished, and he was basically skin on bones. His gums were white instead of pink, and even his meows were weak. That is when his human decided to take him in.

Cat Rescue Story featuring Popcorn
Do Not Bother Me When I am Eating My Noms!

This feline needed noms, so the human provide him with them. He was slow to drink the kitten milk he was provided with, but eventually he did. Then Popcorn’s human gave him a bath, and was amazed to see that this grey kitten was actually white, like my furiend Cloud!

The next chapter in this cat rescue story was a trip to the humans in white coats. Here, Popcorn was examined, and found to be okay. But the humans in white coats said that if he had been left there on his own, he would not have lasted much longer.

Cloud is now a happy and mischievous feline in a loving home. And this cat rescue happened because a human cared enough to save a tiny, wet ball of fur.

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