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The human and I saw this video and the thought, you know, this is some funny cat behavior.

And then he started to think about some strange cat behaviors. One thing I like to do is give him sandpaper kisses, and then little play bites. He does not like this, but it is something I like to do and he has learned to tolerate it.

Another quirky cat behavior of mine is to lie next to the human when he is asleep, and purr gently until he turns his head. He is still asleep, but then I will hop on his stomach and wake him up. He sighs, and says “hello, Bagheera,” but then I hop off and go to the side of the bed. I just want him to acknowledge my purring and do not think this is too demanding.

Strange Cat Behavior

But when it comes to strange cat behavior, Jacey and Marley have me beat by far. Jacey will follow the human around like a puppy cat when he wakes up and she is yowling all the time. And it is a loud yowl. I wonder if she wakes up the neighbors when she does this.

Strange Cat Behavior
Now This is Some Strange Cat Behavior!

Jacey also loves to tap the human in the face when he is asleep. Then, she will lick his hand when he pets her, and she insists on curling up right on his hand. She will even tap his hand if he moves it!

And cute little Marley? She tries to make Jacey and me think she is a ferocious and mean cat. But when she displays the cat behaviors associated with this, she is also lying on her side, showing submissive behavior. And she has never displayed fluffy tail or had her ears back either. Jacey and I know that she is not really as mean as she wants us to think.

I am sure you have some strange cat behaviors to share. Please tell me about them.

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