Meet Tripod Cat Dennis

I like to highlight special needs cats like me in my stories. I enjoy sharing stories that show while special needs cats require extra attention, for the right human, we are loving and fun companions!

Today I will share with you the story of Dennis. While being a diabetic cat is a challenge, I do not want to think about what it would be like to only have three legs. Now I know that my furiend Anakin only has two, and that someĀ of the felines who live with my furiend Lincoln do not have use of their legs. But that is not something I would like.

Special Needs Cat Dennis
Special Needs Cat Dennis After His Leg was Removed

Dennis did not have a choice. He was found in an abandoned home in Erie, Pennsylvania. Taken in by Orphan Angels, when he went to the humans in white coats, they discovered that his right hind leg was so badly infected that it was being held on by skin only. He essentially was dragging a leg around that he could not use.

Orphan Angels Saved Dennis
Orphan Angels Saved Dennis

Despite being in such bad condition, Dennis purred when he was handled by the humans who were caring for him. The humans in white coats made the decision to amputate his infected leg, and Orphan Angels asked for help getting green paper things.

One kind human decided to donate to help cover the cost of care for this special needs cat. He told his wife about the donation, and she asked “why don’t we just adopt him?” He decided that, yes, adopting Dennis would be a good idea.

As you can imagine, with a special needs cat like Dennis, time was needed for him to heal from the surgery. Once Dennis healed, he went to his new home with an orange cat named Taffy, who he became very good furiends with during his recovery time.

And now, this formerly abandoned cat who lost his leg has a furever home. He does not let being a special needs cat slow him down!

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