Rescued Cat Piglet Needs Help

When I hear about humans, whether they are part of cat rescue groups or individuals, helping my fellow felines, it makes me happy. And that is why I was so happy to hear about a very kind human who helped a feline named Piglet. Piglet, you see, wandered up to a human on the street and asked for help.

Piglet's Cat Rescue Starts With Him Asking for Help
Piglet Asked for Help

I can understand why Piglet asked for help. Poor Piglet was very underweight, and because of his condition, he was unable to stand on his feet steadily. Furiends, when a nimble and graceful feline cannot stand properly, it is not good.

Piglet went to the humans in white coats to be examined. With all the challenges to his health, it is amazing that this cat rescue got this far. He has an upper respiratory infection, anemia, severe digestive tract problems, and low protein and album. His blood work showed major problems, and he also has tapeworms. These conditions are why he weighs less than half his healthy weight.

His foster human is determined to make Piglet’s cat rescue a happy one. With all of the conditions Piglet has, this is not easy. He is eating special noms, taking antibiotics, getting treated for worms and fleas, and taking supplements. And it is working, because Piglet has already gained half a pound.

Piglet's Cat Rescue Is Off to a Good Start
Piglet’s Cat Rescue Is Off to a Good Start

It is not a surprise that all of this requires lots of green paper things, and the human who is helping Piglet recover cannot spare those right now. That is why she has started a funding campaign called Piglet’s Hope Chest. She is seeking to raise $1,500. This will pay for Piglet’s treatment and for a dental procedure once he is strong enough.

I know you kind humans love hearing about cat rescues as much as I do. We have a human who needs a little help in order to make sure Piglet lives a good life. Please send green paper things her way if you can and if you cannot, please share her story and send healing thought for Piglet.

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