Human Saves Abused Kitten

This cat rescue story will make you mad at the humans who allowed a tiny little kitten to be abused but it will also make you happy that a kind human stepped in. A human was visiting one of her friends on a farm. Now, I know that farmers do not get too sentimental about animals because they have to raise them and sell them to others. But that does not mean they should allow animal abuse to happen.

The visitor noticed a tiny feline with a white lynx appearance. When she pointed it out, the farmer grabbed the kitten by its head and threw it to her. Furiends, this is animal abuse, and it should not have happened.

When the kind human played with the kitten, she noticed that it was hurt. It was the runt of the litter, and had a jaw that was hurt. Later, the kind human would learn why it had been hurt.

This Cute Kitten Has Recovered From Animal Abuse
This Cute Kitten Has Recovered From Animal Abuse

She was inside, and told her children to keep an eye on the kitten while she was talking to the farmer. There was an argument, and she went outside to help settle it. When she did, she noticed the farmer’s granddaughter stepping on the kitten’s tail. Naturally, the kitten lashed out when it was hurt. And then this cruel child threw the kitten over the patio railing and into the car window.

The poor kitten naturally went to hide after being abused like this. But fortunately for her, witnessing this animal abuse made the human who saw it decide to take that kitten home.

The response from the farmer was horrible. “Good,” he said. “I was planning on tossing them if the coyotes didn’t get them.” It is this attitude that resulted in the granddaughter feeling that it was fine to engage in animal abuse. I do not understand why a human would not like a feline like me, or my canine counterparts. But love us or hate us, animal abuse is never justified!

Fortunately for this kitten, there was someone to step in and to get her the treatment from the humans in white coats to heal her injuries. They were extensive, my furiends. She had a broken jaw, broken tail, broken ribs, and possibly some brain damage due to the abuse she endured.

For too many of my fellow felines, though, there is nobody to step in. That is why caring two legged creatures like you and felines like me must work together to stop animal abuse!

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4 Replies to “Human Saves Abused Kitten”

  1. While it’s true that a lot of farmers can’t be sentimental about animals, particularly the livestock they sell in order to make a living, I’ve met a lot of farmers in my life and to a man or woman, they were kind and compassionate toward animals, whether those animals were dairy cows, goats and chickens that would eventually be slaughtered, barn cats and family pets. In fact, the farmers I know are very sentimental about their family dogs and cats because there’s a psychological differentiation between livestock and pets.

    That said, this particular farmer was definitely being abusive, and sadly, showing his granddaughter that it’s OK to be abusive as well. The thing is, often people who abuse animals are also abusing people, either mentally or physically, so the daughter’s response may have been due to her being the victim of abuse herself.

    I just felt I had to say something as a person who knows plenty of farmers to assure people that the vast majority of farmers would never treat an animal that way.

    Whatever the case, I’m really glad to hear that this kitten was rescued, treated, and now lives in a happy home where he’ll never have to worry about being hurt again.

    1. I did not mean to suggest that most farmers are cruel. This farmer was abusive. Most are not. Many barn cats are very happy living with farmers who take care of them and enjoy the benefits of having felines around. After all, it is because we kept mice away from grain that we came to live with humans!

      I changed my post to reflect this.

      1. I know you didn’t mean to say that all farmers are animal abusers, Bagheera. I just felt like I should say something in case others might get this idea in their heads. It’s hard for a lot of people to justify making a living raising animals that will eventually become meat, and those humans might feel that farmers are inherently cruel for that. 🙂

        1. I do not think they are cruel. If they did not raise animals, how would I get my noms? I must eat meat, and that meat has to come from something. If they raise their livestock in a humane way that is all we can ask for.

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