Aztec Cats Helps Cats on Campus

I have shared many stories of wonderful cat rescue organizations, and now I want to highlight one that is on a college campus not far from me. Aztec Cats is a cat rescue group that is run by one person and it’s on the campus of San Diego State University.

There are eight feral cats living on the campus of San Diego State University, and thanks to a very kind human, they will live there happily and provide smiles to both the staff and students. This started in 2009, when one human noticed there were many feral cats on the campus.

He started to give these felines noms, and then he also engaged in a trap, neuter, and return program. All of the felines on campus have been fixed, and no new kittens have been born to the colony since 2011.

Hermione is a Member of the Aztec Cats Colony
Hermione is a Member of the Aztec Cats Colony

There are now eight members of the colony. Some of them are more friendly towards humans, and some of them are much more reserved. Hermione loves humans and allows some of them to give her tummy rubs. Furiends, even though I love my human, I only tolerate this briefly when he does it.

Aztec Cats Colony Member Bruiser
Aztec Cats Colony Member Bruiser

Bruiser, though, is much more shy and he does not like to engage with humans who he does not know. He is an older cat, and because he engaged in fights with other felines, he has lost some teeth and needed to be seen by the humans in white coats.

But whether they are shy like Bruiser or friendly like Hermione, all of these felines get noms on a daily basis and they are taken to the humans in white coats when they are sick. They have become a fixture on campus thanks to this cat rescue group.

Some of the felines that are part of the colony are friendly enough with humans where they can go to a home. Over the years, 18 felines have been adopted out by this cat rescue organization. Right now, Oreo is looking for a home.

Oreo Is Available for Adoption
Oreo Is Available For Adoption

If you can take in this cute boy, please contact Aztec Cats by messaging them on their Facebook page.

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