Former Feral Capone Needs Home

There are many cat rescue groups around where I live, and some of them focus on caring for feral cats. I told you about Aztec Cats and how they care for a feral cat colony on the campus of San Diego State University.

For many feral cats, living in a home with humans is not a good option. They are not used to humans and they would be stressed over being inside with you two legged creatures, since interacting with humans is not something they like doing.

But occasionally, a feral cat comes along who is a good candidate for living in a home with humans. Love Your Feral Felines is helping one of these cats and they are looking to place him in a good furever home.

Feral Cat Capone Needs a Home
Feral Cat Capone Needs a Home

Capone is a surprisingly friendly feral cat. He is good with humans, good with dogs, good with other cats, and good with small humans. He even likes to have his paws played with. Now, Jacey, Marley, and I love the human, but when he does this, we will swat his hand away. And we are not feral cats!

Capone, who Love Your Feral Felines calls a “gentle giant,” was saved from euthanasia at the last minute.  He is also a special needs cat, because he has FIV. This disease means he has a weakened immune system and precautions will have to be taken. But with these precautions and with a little luck, cats with FIV can live long and happy lives.

Love your Feral Felines Is Seeking to Place Capone
Love your Feral Felines Is Seeking to Place Capone

Capone is recovering from a few wounds he received as a feral cat on the streets. These battle scars are probably how he was infected with FIV, as spreading the virus requires deep wounds and it is not something that is spread in typical play between cats. His teeth and gums look good, and this six year old loves to give bear hugs.

This friendly “giant black Teddy bear” has already been neutered and he is up to date on his shots. Now all this former feral cat needs is a furever home.

I know you all have room in your hearts for Capone. If you have room in your home for this special needs cat, please contact Love Your Feral Felines. And if you do not, please share his story so we can find this sweet boy a home.

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  1. I´ve shared this sweet boy and I really hope someone really soon see what a cutie he is! <3 Wish I lived closer! <3

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