It’s Jacey’s Turn to Talk to You

Hi, everyone. It’s me, Jacey. The human says I have been talking a lot and he said that I should share some stories with you. It has been very hot here, and that can be dangerous for us.  I know that you humans know better than to leave your cats in a car with the windows rolled up. This is very dangerous. If you see this happening, please call the humans with badges immediately.

Jacey Has Something to Say
Jacey Has Something to Say

It is funny that I am telling you this, because now is the time where it starts to get colder for most of you. Bagheera, Marley, and I are fortunate to live inside with our human. Sadly, there are many felines who do not have a home to protect them from the elements.

That is why it is important to remember as things get colder to thump on the hood of your car before you start it. When you do this, you give a cat who may have nestled itself into the engine to keep warm a chance to escape before the engine starts.

Bagheera, Jacey and I are also fortunate to live in a place where it does not get very cold. Even feral cats here are fortunate because their fur is generally enough to keep them warm. But for cats in colder areas, their fur is not enough and they need your help.

You can build a shelter for feral cats with an inexpensive foam cooler. This simple act can be enough to save the life of a feral feline!

Speaking of saving lives, I was very happy to read the story of Rajah. I am so glad that he was able to get the help he needed from Tenth Life and my good furiend Lincoln and his human. My name means happy, and it is fitting because I am a very happy and playful cat. Bagheera, Marley, and the human sometimes think I am too playful!

But even a happy cat like me felt better when I heard about how Rajah will be able to live a long and happy life.

Well, it is time for me to go talk to the human now and then maybe ambush Bagheera and Marley. I hope you enjoyed the stories I shared!

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2 Replies to “It’s Jacey’s Turn to Talk to You”

  1. It’s always a joy to hear from you Jacey, you do have a lot to say and you did a great job of sharing some important information humans need to know and remember. I love the picture of you- your green eyes are stunning and whiskers so whimsical. I bet your human enjoys the fact that you are talkative, especially during times when he has no one else to visit with. I am not as sure however that Bagheera or Marley enjoy your ambushes too much!
    As long as you three boisterous Bengals do not get too rough, maybe you would find it amusing to ambush the human?!? Have you ever done this before? While he sleeps perhaps?! My Clove likes to purr madly while I pet or brush her, all sprawled out only to seemingly for no reason, out of the blue suddenly grab my hand with her front paws and give me a ‘lion bite’. She finds it quite amusing and then lays back, mewing/demanding I return to adoring/petting/grooming her! I don’t understand why she does this- is it to remind me who’s boss? A hunting type game? Something to do just because she can?
    Whichever her reason is she insists keeping it to herself. At times I find this behavior to be amusing and others annoying, yet whatever I feel I wouldn’t attempt to get her to stop as it is these very types of unexpected, frisky behaviors that I adore about you felines.
    I am forever under your spell.

    1. Oh, Jacey loves to ambush the human, but it is funny for me and Marley to watch as well as the human. She seems to forget that the human is not as nimble as us felines, and he cannot avoid her as quickly as we can. What often ends up happening is that Jacey will end up running into the human’s leg because she anticipates him being as nimble as a feline and able to get out of the way. When that does not happen, the look on her face is amusing to the human as well as me and Marley.

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