Cats Getting Older and Matted Fur

“Human, why have you been brushing me so much lately? I do not mind you doing the cat grooming, but it seems like you are doing it more.”

“Well, Bagheera, that is because there’s something you’re doing a lot less of.”

“I do not fuss when you give me the ear sticks to test my blood sugar and the needle to give me the insulin a diabetic cat needs. Isn’t that good and kind of me? Is that why I am getting more cat grooming? As a reward?”

Cat Grooming Itself
Cat Grooming Itself

“Bagheera, you are being good, but that is not why I am brushing you more. You see, Bagheera, lately, I think you’ve been grooming yourself less. It’s okay. You’re an older cat now and older cats often find that it’s more difficult to groom themselves. So I have to step in and do it for you.”

“Do not call me old, human. I am nine, and that is equivalent to 56 in human years. I am not ready to be put down. Believe me, if you annoy me, I will still be able to swat you and punish you.”

“You can keep your claws in. We all get older, and I am sure you would be the first to tell me you cannot do the things you could do when you were one or two. And Bagheera? I hate to bring this up, but you are getting heavier, too.”

“Well, yes, I am not as nimble as I used to be, and I have gained a little weight. Why does that matter, human?”

“Well, Bagheera, when it comes to cat grooming, the combination of aging and gaining weight can be a problem. It makes it more difficult for you to reach the spots that used to be easy for you to reach. And that means you do less of it. So we humans have to step in and do more cat grooming.”

A Human Helping with Cat Grooming
A Human Helping with Cat Grooming

“You do not mind doing it, do you human?”

“Actually, Bagheera, if a little more cat grooming keeps your fur from matting and getting dandruff, I am happy to do it. And it also helps me keep the fur that gets around the house down.”

“I guess I should thank you human. No swatting for now.”

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