Jacey Shares Some Happy Stories

Hi, everyone! It’s Jacey! Did you know that my name means happy? It is a very fitting name for me because that is my personality. The human says that if I were a two legged creature, I would be the stereotypical happy and friendly Southern California girl. I do not know why he expected anything different, because that’s what I am. I am happy that today, it is my turn to talk for my brofur Bagheera the Diabetic Cat!

Naturally, a happy cat is going to share happy stories with you. And that is what I will do. You know about Lucky and his story, which is both a sad and happy one. It is sad that he was abused, and his ordeal was far more than what a diabetic cat like Bagheera must deal with. But then he found humans to care for him and a loving home!

Sassie Playing
Sassie Playing

And that home has room for another special needs cat, Sassie. My furiends, everyone says I am a very pretty cat, but even I do not have a heart on my nose like Sassie does. She is battling a growth that will probably take her life, but she is doing it with grace and she is not letting it slow her down. For 75 days now, she has been a fun companion for Lucky, the rest of the felines, and the humans in her home.

Because Bagheera is a diabetic cat, I am much more sensitive to cats who must battle medical conditions. My furiend Batgirl’s sisfur, Goldie Cat, is fighting off the nasty parasite toxoplasma gondii. This parasite generally does not afflict indoor only cats like me, Bagheera and Marley because we do not eat contaminated meat.

Goldie Cat is Fighting Toxoplasma Gondii
Goldie Cat is Fighting Toxoplasma Gondii

Well, just like Bagheera, who does not let being a diabetic cat affect him too much, Goldie Cat is showing the parasite who is boss. She does not like her medicine, just like Bagheera doesn’t like the insulin shots a diabetic cat needs. But both of them know it is needed and they tolerate it.

Finally, I have good news to share about sweet kitten Katniss. It is sad that we lost her after she was abused so horribly. I am very grateful that I have a human who would never hurt me, even though I drive him nuts. The most he will do is loudly tell me, “Jacey, stop it!” This is a fun game for me. I drive him nuts, and then when he shouts at me, I run away but come running back. It is a fun game and it works every time!

The evil human who abused poor Katniss has been caught and has been charged with a felony. Furiends, I am not a vindictive cat. But I hope his punishment is a severe one. I understand that humans who do bad things can be locked in cages for a while. I hope this happens.

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One Reply to “Jacey Shares Some Happy Stories”

  1. Oh Jacey I do also hope the same that the evil human that did hurt Katniss like that should be prosecuted and get a severe punishment. I just pray he come in jail with animal lovers! I think they would help Karma on it´s way!
    Anyway I was happy to hear from you Jacey! <3
    May God also punish Katniss abuser!

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