Axel Alleycat Has A Happy Story

It is always sad for me to hear about my fellow felines who do not have a home. Some of them live in feral colonies where kind humans take care of them, like the Aztec Cats. And there are organizations like Love your Feral Felines who help others. But many do not have humans helping them get noms and care when they need it. Those poor felines live very tough lives.

That is what was happening with Axel Alleycat, and it almost cost him his life. For the first year of his life, poor Axel was a scared, sick, and neglected outdoor cat. He struggled to find the noms he needed, and he was unable to get the care he needed to stay healthy.

Special Needs Cat Axel Alleycat Relaxing
Special Needs Cat Axel Alleycat Relaxing

One day, things got even worse for Axel, and he became a special needs cat because of this. He was hit by a car. He crawled under the porch of a human who had been giving him noms, and hid there. As you humans know, when we felines want to hide, we are very good at doing it.

It took a long time for humans to find Axel, and when they found him, they knew he had to go to the humans in white coats. He was not in good shape. The impact from the car broke Axel’s jaw in three places. He also suffered a broken skull and the right side of his face was crushed. His right eye was too badly damaged to save.

Special Needs Cat Axel Alleycat is Missing an Eye
Special Needs Cat Axel Alleycat is Missing an Eye

The humans in white coats said that it was unlikely that Axel would survive, and if he did, losing his eye would make him a special needs cat. That did not stop the human who he now shares a home with. She told the humans in white coats to treat Axel.

Well, this special needs kitty is a tough one. He had to be to have lived as long as he did on the streets! And he survived and now has a home of his own.

You kind humans can do so much for us felines. It makes me, Jacey, and Marley especially happy when we hear about a special needs cat being helped.

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