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It is always fun for me to share stories of inspiring cats or humans. Jacey, Marley, and I think that we need to remind people that humans can be very loving and kind, because there are far too many stories of humans who do evil thinks like abusing animals.

Yesterday was Halloween. I reminded you that on Halloween, it is best to be safe with your felines because there are some humans who would abuse them.

But for Halloween, there are organizations that sponsor pet costume contests. One of my fellow hybrid cats won the contest, a savannah cat named Selani. Selani was a five year old cat whose costume featured her looking fierce in battle armor. This custom costume was created by one of the humans Selani shared her home with.

Pet Costume Contest Winner Selani
Pet Costume Contest Winner Selani

The battle armor was a fitting pet costume for Selani, because she was fighting a battle against lymphoma. On the day that she was entered into the contest, the battle armor and the best efforts of the humans in white coats were not enough. Selani lost her fight against that disease.

Selani may have lost her fight against lymphoma, but she was about to become a winner in the pet costume contest. Initially, Selani’s humans shared her entry on Facebook. One of their friends posted it to Reddit, where it really took off.

And that was enough to help Selani win the pet costume contest, with the prizes going to her humans. This does not seem right to me. The feline does all the work, and the humans benefit?

I am okay with this, though, because in tribute to Selani, the humans who entered her photo into the pet costume contest decided that they would donate their winnings to a cat rescue organization.

The Woburn Feral Cat Coalition will receive the grand prize, which is a year’s worth of noms from Hill’s Pet Nutrition. Selani may be gone, but through this act of generosity, her humans have ensured that she will help other felines.

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