Quasi the Less Adoptable Cat

I do not want to brag here, my furiends, but I have to say that all of the felines in my home are attractive and cute ones. Many people have commented on how handsome I am, and I know that Jacey and Marley are very pretty girls.

But we are all special needs cats in some ways. I am a diabetic cat. Marley is shy. And Jacey is very active and playful, so she is not a good feline for a house that wants a quiet and calm cat.

But there are some felines who are not as blessed in the looks department as the three of us. And those felines have even more problems than even a diabetic cat like me would have getting adopted.

Special Needs Cat Quasi
Quasi, Spokescat for Special Needs Cats

Quasi is one of those cats. My furiends, I do not want to be mean, but she is definitely a feline who does not have a typically pleasing face. It is because she was born with a cleft lip that was never repaired and it connects to one of her eyes. She cannot see out of that eye, but her other one works just fine.

This also made it difficult for Quasi to smell the noms her human gave her and it also caused her to have other sinus issues.

The conditions this special needs cat has made it a challenge to find a human to take her in. And furiends, sadly, her unusual looks did as well.

But when she found a human to care for her, she decided to become a spokescat for other special needs and less adoptable cats. Quasi and her human started the Ugly Kitty Fund in 2006 so that other felines like her would have a chance to know the love and care of the right human.

Special Needs Cat Quasi Loved Her Human
Special Needs Cat Quasi Loved Her Human

Quasi was a wonderful spokescat for less adoptable felines until recently. She got sick, and was facing liver failure and sepsis. The humans in white coats said that even if these conditions were treated, it was unlikely she would recover. Her loving human made the very difficult decision to let this spokescat for special needs cats leave us.

In memory of Quasi, her human will continue to raise awareness of how less adoptable “ugly ” cats can be wonderful companions for the right human.

And that, my furiends, is the most beautiful compliment a human can pay a feline.

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