Lincoln Joined by New Feline

My fellow special needs cat Lincoln is very inspiring feline. He was a completely paralyzed ball of fur who could only move his eyes, but now he is a fully mobile, playful, and happy cat.

His human cares for many special needs cats and I really enjoyed getting the chance to meet her, although I will never forgive the human for not telling me we were having guests. Jacey, Marley and I did not have time to make sure our fur tans were just right and we were perfectly groomed!

And now, Lincoln has been joined by another special needs cat. Say hello to Maya.

Say Hello to Special Needs Cat Maya
Say Hello to Special Needs Cat Maya

Maya came to Lincoln’s home through Tenth Life. She was found by animal control, and they described her as having trouble walking properly. Lincoln’s human and Tenth Life said they would take in Maya.

Maya was cleaned to remove the fleas and worms that she was infested with, and when the humans in white coats diagnosed her, they found she had cerebellar hypoplasia. In addition, something happened to her that is causing mobility problems in her rear legs.

Well, if there is anyone who can handle a special needs cat with mobility problems, it is Lincoln’s human. She has already started doing physical therapy on Maya to help with her condition.

Maya’s condition also requires Lincoln’s human to help her use the litter box several times a day. And she also needs help when she noms, because she needs to be in the right position.

Special Needs Cat Maya in Her Chair Bed
Special Needs Cat Maya in Her Chair Bed

It is always difficult to know what will happen with these unusual cases. But Lincoln and his human are confident that they will be able to nurse Maya into regaining use of her hind legs. Then she will be another inspiring special needs cat thanks to Lincoln, Tenth Life, and his human!

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