November 9 Blood Sugar Readings

I hope you had a good weekend, my furiends. It is time for me to tell you how what happened with my blood sugar readings for the week that just ended. I also have a funny story to share with you about my sisfur Marley.

For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 248, which is higher than last week. Last week it was 226. We are getting a little closer than the human and I want to the threshold where it becomes dangerous, and we actually had one reading that crossed that threshold.

That was the high reading for the week, when my blood sugar spiked all the way up to 373. I do not like readings that high. But I was happy because I saw some readings below 200, at 193 and 189.

One of the reasons that we may be seeing higher blood sugar readings is because we are getting to the end of the insulin bottle. My furiends, when it gets down to the last little bit of insulin, the human notices that it seems to work less well.  It is likely we will need a new vial within a week, so we will see if his theory is correct.

Now, for more fun things. Let’s talk about how my sisfur Marley is integrating into the home. She is much more tolerant of us, although she still likes having her crate as a retreat. Today, she was even nomming right next to me!

Bagheera and Marley
Bagheera and Marley

This made both me and the human very happy. Marley still will growl at us if Jacey or I enter her crate, but it is not as loud and it does not last as long.

When the human gets ready to go to bed, Marley also will go over to the opposite side of the room, where the closet is. I wandered over the other day when she was there, and while she did retreat into her crate, she did not growl at me.

She is a funny feline. She does not like other felines, but she is not a fighter. And she loves human attention. I do not understand why she cannot be as nice to us felines as she is to humans!

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