Cat Rescue Won’t Let It Go

I hope you are enjoying the weekend, my furiends. The human tells me that on weekends, many of you humans watch movies. One very popular movie was Frozen, and there was a song called “Let It Go” in that movie.

The human also tells me it has gotten cold in many places. I do not miss the cold at all. Even though I have always been an indoor only cat, I do not like it when it is too cold for me to go on the balcony and work on my fur tan.

But for many of my fellow felines, the cold is just something that have to deal with. They have to let it go. In the cat rescue story I will share with you, it is a good thing a cat rescue group did not.

It is very cold in Denver, and a cat got stuck out in the cold. This four month old kitten was not prepared for the cold, and she got frozen. But, a cat rescue refused to take the advice of the song, and they did not let her go.

A Cat Rescue Group Did Not Let Elsa Go
A Cat Rescue Group Did Not Let Elsa Go

Thanks to the efforts of the Dumb Friends League, this kitten, now named Elsa, survived. She was treated with heating pads and a hair dryer and given warm intravenous fluids.

After about an hour, this kitten showed how resilient she was and she recovered.

Elsa will never have to worry about being frozen again, because she will be sent to a loving home once she has fully recovered.

Elsa is Recovering Thanks to The Cat Rescue Group Dumb Friends League
Elsa is Recovering Thanks to The Cat Rescue Group Dumb Friends League

She is a lucky cat, my furiends, because cat rescue groups can only help so many felines. Humans often think that because we have fur, we can handle the extreme cold. But our fur coats only do so much. You can be a hero to many felines by creating an inexpensive way for them to stay warm. If you live in a place where it gets cold, won’t you?

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