A Very Special Calendar Is Out

I know that you humans like to keep track of the passage of time. You do that with things that go on your wrist, things that go in your pocket, and things that go on the wall. The human tells me the things that go on the wall are called calendars. There is a very special one that I want to tell you about.

Cover of the Diabetic Cats In Need Calendar
Cover of the Diabetic Cats In Need Calendar

One of my favorite cat rescue organizations is Diabetic Cats in Need. These kind humans have had to scale back their operations, but they have done a lot of good work. They have helped 600 diabetic cats, so how could I not love them?

You may remember that they had a fundraiser to help select felines who would appear in their calendar for 2015. I entered the contest and while I did not win, it was an honor just to participate.

This calendar is now available for humans who want to help Diabetic Cats in Need continue to do the good work for sugar cats like me. And my furiends will be happy to know that I make an appearance in the calendar, along with my sisfur Jacey!

Jacey and I Make an Appearance in the Diabetic Cats in Need Calendar
Jacey and I Make an Appearance in the Diabetic Cats in Need Calendar

Furiends, I do not want to brag, but I think this could be the best calendar ever. You get to help a wonderful organization that helps diabetic cats. A feline that you all love — me — and my sisfur Jacey are in the calendar. And you probably could use a calendar anyway.

That sounds like a good combination, right? If you agree with me, you can order the calendar from Diabetic Cats in Need directly. Go to Paypal, and send the money for the calendar to [email protected] Choose the pay friends/family option so Diabetic Cats in Need does not have to pay fees.

Here are the costs for ordering:

  • $23 for US addresses
  • $28 for Canadian addresses
  • $33 for other non-US addresses

When you order, please put your mailing address in the email to recipient on the second page.

If you have any questions, please contact Diabetic Cats in Need directly.

I hope you will order calendars to support this very worthy organization!

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