Lost Cat Found Far From Home

I am lucky to have never been a lost cat. The human has been very careful to make sure that I do not get lost. It would be very bad for me if I were to go without my insulin shots, so he is very cautious. And he does not want my sisfurs Jacey or Marley to get lost, either. Jacey is so trusting that she might get abused. And Marley is so shy she might just go hiding and never come out.

Most lost cats eventually get reunited with their humans. But a cat who is found thousands of miles away from where it was lost is less likely to have this happy reunion. For one lucky feline, a tiny microchip made one possible.

Lost Cat Spice Will be Reunited With Her Human
Lost Cat Spice Will be Reunited With Her Human

Spice is a six month old grey and white cat. She was lost in Albuquerque around Halloween. Her human thinks that when the door was open so that small humans could get treats, Spice escaped. Spice’s human was worried, because she knew that a quarter of all cats who are lost are never reunited with their humans.

She was very fortunate, because five days later, a human was helping bring donations to a charity. He noticed a bag on the steps, and opened it up. “Out popped the cat’s head,” he said. “It was pretty cool.”

“It was a really cool cat and had the softest fur you’ve ever felt on an animal,” he added.

The charity took Spice to the Animal Refuge League. Here, humans in white coats scanned her to see if she had a microchip, and she did. They called her human, who was very happy to hear that Spice had been found.

Lost Cat Spice at the Animal Refuge League
Lost Cat Spice at the Animal Refuge League

There was still one more challenge left in reuniting lost cat Spice with her human. Neither Spice’s human nor the Animal Refuge League had the green paper things needed to get her back to Albuquerque in one of those noisy metal tubes.

Fortunately for Spice and her human, the CEO of veterinary technology company Idexx Laboratories heard her story. He decided to pay for the trip needed to reunite the lost cat with her human. He has four cats of his own.

“It just immediately struck me that there was a very strong bond between this pet owner and Spice. When I heard Spice’s story, I realized she really wanted to go home.” Paying for the ticket, will reduce stress on Spice, he said, adding that “we don’t want Spice to incur any more stress than she already has.”

I am very happy that this lost cat will be reunited with her human. Spice’s story is also a reminder that it is important to get your felines chipped.

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