Marley Shares Cat Rescue Stories

Furiends, today, I am going to do something different. Marley is a shy cat, although she is not shy about vocalizing around me, the human, and Jacey. I am going to have her talk to you humans and hopefully she will become less shy.

“Gee, thanks, Bagheera. Force me to do something I do not want to. You will definitely get growled at later.”

“Marley, do not make me yell at you and thump your platform. Please talk to these kind humans. They love you.”

“Fine, Bagheera.”

Yesterday, Bagheera told you about how a volunteer at Michigan Cat Rescue was able to pull two very scared kittens from a high kill shelter. These two felines found a loving home because of this.

Michigan Cat Rescue Adopted Out Chester
Michigan Cat Rescue Adopted Out Chester

I have a story from Michigan Cat Rescue of another feline who found a furever home. His name is Chester. He is three years old, or about as old as me. Poor Chester was abandoned when the humans who were supposed to care for him moved.

These horrible humans just left Chester outside, with no noms, no shelter, and no place to go. A kind human saw him, and decided they could not tolerate this. Chester was taken in by Michigan Cat Rescue. One day, a human who works with a volunteer there saw Chester and fell in love with him.

Now Chester has the home he always should have had, and he will never have to worry about being abandoned again.

Another one of our feline furiends had a happy story to share. Lucky told us about a number of felines and canines who are on their freedom ride. What is a freedom ride, you ask? That is when a feline or canine leaves the cage that they are living in and goes to a home where they will become loved members of the family.

A Happy Cat on His Freedom Ride
A Happy Cat on His Freedom Ride

That is what has happened with this guy, as well as many other felines and canines. A dog and cat rescue group arranged for their transport from a high kill shelter to a place where they have a better chance to find a furever home.

Learning about this makes me happy! And now I will leave you kind humans and go back to my crate to relax in my hammock. I hope you are as happy as I am after hearing about these.

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