It Was Moving Day for Marley

Hello, everyone. It is a rainy day here in San Diego. We are known for our sunshine, and the human tells me that we got too much of it, and not enough wet things falling from the sky. Over the next few days, he says, we will get lots of wet things.

That means that Jacey and I cannot work on our fur tans. You might ask, but what about my sisfur Marley? Well, the good news is that she will be able to work on her fur tan when the sun comes back out, because the human moved her. It was quite an eventful move, even though the human only moved her crate about 15 feet.

First, the human had to put Marley into a carrier. Jacey and will play in those, but just like most cats, we do not like it when those get closed. Marley may be an very unusual snow bengal, but she has something in common with virtually all cats. She complained loudly about this.

I have become Marley’s protector. Whenever the human does something that makes her unhappy, I will be there to tell him he should not do that. Yesterday, when she was complaining about being in the carrier, I took a swat at him to let him know he should not let that sweet and shy cat suffer.

After negotiating with me, the human moved everything out of the crate. Then he moved the crate into our living area and moved everything back. He wanted to make it as easy as possible for Marley to adapt to her new location.

Snow Bengal Cat Marley Exploring Her New Space
Snow Bengal Cat Marley Exploring Her New Space

Next up was moving Marley herself. The human took the carrier into the living area, and opened it. He expected Marley to run right into her crate.

Silly human! It is like he forgot that Marley is a shy cat. She went right back to the area she had been in, and sat there. The human had to pick her up and move her to her crate, being careful to avoid the sharp claws we cats have.

Shy Cat Marley Is Adapting to Her Move
Shy Cat Marley Is Adapting to Her Move

Marley is still a little annoyed about being in the new location, but I think she is starting to like it. She can see so much more from there, and the human is in that area a lot more than he was in the bedroom. I also think she liked it when she was able to see the outside world. The human opened the balcony door, and Jacey went out there. Marley was watching very closely.

I will keep you updated on what my sisfur does. I have started to rub noses with her through the crate and I hope this is a sign that she will become good furiends with me and Jacey.

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