Meet Friendly Diabetic Cat Shark

Do you remember when Jacey, Marley, and I wanted the human to take us to the beach so we could play in the ocean? The human told Jacey that there were creatures that would nom on felines like us in the water. I learned that these animals are called sharks.

Today, I want to introduce you to my fellow diabetic cat Shark. But instead of nomming on felines, this Shark is very friendly towards them. In fact, he is the feline who runs the Welcome Wagon at HART of Maine for other diabetic cats.

My Fellow Diabetic Cat Shark
My Fellow Diabetic Cat Shark

I am jealous of Shark because he only needs a small dose of insulin to keep his diabetes under control. I do not like being a diabetic cat who must take large doses of insulin.

The humans at HART of Maine describe this diabetic cat as “friendly, sweet, and very calm.” They say that if you are looking for a laid back buddy, Shark is perfect for you.

Diabetic Cat Shark Taking a Nap
Diabetic Cat Shark Taking a Nap

Shark is 11 years old, and this senior diabetic cat likes to rub up against your legs and take cat naps by himself or with a furiend. He gets along very well with other cats. The reason he runs the Welcome Wagon at HART of Maine is because he is usually the first to greet a new arrival.

And many of the new arrivals become very good furiends with Shark. Nothing seems to faze this older cat. He has seen it all, and doesn’t get stressed out about things. That is one smart cat!

The kind humans at HART of Maine have put Shark on a low carbohydrate diet, and that has allowed them to decrease his insulin dosing to minimal levels. In fact, they say that in the right home, Shark may be one of the lucky diabetic cats who does not need any more insulin!

If you are interested in bringing this very sweet diabetic cat home, please fill out the application form for HART of Maine. And thanks to Diabetic Cats In Need for sharing Shark’s story!

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