Happy Cat Rescues From HART

Lucky, who is a fellow special needs cat, is one of my favorite celebrity cats. He came from the streets after being abused, and now that he has a furever home, he works very hard to help other felines make the journey to a good home. He shares a lot of news from the cat rescue group Homeless Animals Rescue Team (HART), which is the one that helped him.

And HART has a lot of happy cat rescue stories to share. Lucky and his sisfur Sassie had two, which I wanted to pass along to you.

First up is the story of Chip. Chip was found as a tiny kitten hiding in the bin of a wood chipper, which is how he got his name. His cat rescue story started with a kind human seeing this tiny feline in there and deciding he needed to take action. Chip was taken in by Rural Shelter Transports, and then made his way to Lucky’s HART.

Cat Rescue Group HART is Helping Chip
Cat Rescue Group HART is Helping Chip

The dedicated humans at HART will work very hard to make Chip’s cat rescue story end up with him going to a loving home for the holidays. Lucky himself is lobbying his human to bring Chip in as a foster.

Lucky is not the only member of his home working to ensure cat rescue stories have happy endings. Sassie has one about a her foster brofur Holmes. Sassie said that she is sad to see her fellow black and white cat Holmes go, but she is happy to see him go to a furever home.

HART Helped Holmes Get a Furever Home
HART Helped Holmes Get a Furever Home

Holmes was only with Lucky and Sassie for eight days, but he worked his way into their heart in that short time. He loved to snuggle with his human, being held like a baby. And he loved to get tummy rubs. Sassie thinks the only improvement for Holmes would be if his cute pink nose had a heart on it.

I am glad that Lucky, Sassie, and the humans at HART work so hard to make sure there are happy endings to cat rescue stories. Do you have any to share with me?

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