My Sisfur Marley is Getting Brave

Yesterday, I gave you an update on my blood sugar levels and what they were doing. Today, it is time for me to update you on what is happening with my foster cat sisfur Marley. You will remember that the human moved her out to where she can see the outside and get more exposure to what Jacey and I get to enjoy.

You also know that Marley is a shy cat, and she did not like the move at all. I am her protector, so when the human moved her, and she complained, I let him know that she could not make my shy sweet sisfur angry.

Jacey, the human, and I were wondering what would happen with her. I am happy to tell you that there are good things happening with my foster cat sisfur Marley.

My Foster Sisfur Marley Exploring
My Foster Sisfur Marley Exploring

One of the most difficult things was getting her to come out of her crate when she was in the bedroom. It was easy for her to stay there, except to pounce on the human when he went to bed. Now, though, with so much more to explore, Marley has decided that she wants to wander around.

Foster Cat Marley Roaming
Foster Cat Marley Roaming

I have seen her sniffing at the opening to the balcony door, and peeking her head out. This foster cat is getting brave and has also started to wander around the living area. And even Jacey approaching her doesn’t make her as scared as she used to be.

Foster Cat Marley Working on Her Fur Tan
Foster Cat Marley Working on Her Fur Tan

Marley also does not growl at us as much as she used to. I think this may have something to do with her no longer feeling backed into a corner with no place to go. And now, she gets to work on her fur tan just like Jacey and me!

Many of you have suggested that the human make this move. I did not like it initially, because Marley was unhappy about it. But now that she seems to be adapting to it well, I like it.

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2 Replies to “My Sisfur Marley is Getting Brave”

  1. MEWYAY! We are so excited to hear Markey is gaining confidence- something we know and understand all about in our household. Kaspars showed up starved and feral 11 years ago this month and has grown in to a friendly, loving, yet still super cautious mancat. He will probably always be this way and somewhat skittish to strangers, but he loves being part of a family and avidly seeks out affection and a good belly rub- when he gives you permission first of course!
    Clove has only been with us 6 months but has come a long way. She no longer hides under the bed and rarely hisses at new people. She still has many trust issues yet we have no doubt with more time and patience she will continue to blossom like Marley.
    You are a kind and protective brofur Bagheera, I’m sure Marley appreciates how much you care for her comfort. I know she started as a foster kitty, but I have a secret hope and suspicion she will be a ‘foster fail’ and join your wonderful family. She is learning to trust you and Jacey and the human, and a trio of bengals makes for what I would bet is a fun and lively home. Kaspars started as a foster in our home too, but when a possible home became available I could not give him up. His special needs and the time spent invested in cats like he, Clove, and Marley create a special bond and sense of comfort for both the cat and human, which is hard to break. I’m sure if you asked your human he would agree that is would be sad to let her go and you and Jacey would miss her presence too. She is such a delicately beautiful ladycat and the three of you seem to be a good match for long term companionship. The cats and I cross our paws that you and Jacey will demand your human make Marley a permanent member of the family, as I fear anywhere else she will regress and have a hard time finding a forever home that is as compassionate and perfect as yours.

    1. I do not know if she trusts us but she tolerates us. She loves the human, though. I want her to find a home where she will be happy, and that is a home where she has no other felines to contend with and a human who cares for her.

      The human will only let her go to a home where she is an only cat. If she has to contend with other felines, then it does not make any sense to move her.

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