Blood Sugar Readings For 12/28

Hello, everyone. It has been a busy week for this diabetic cat! Jacey, Marley, and I have been visiting the human’s project, The Cat Cafe. I have become very accustomed to going into the carrier and making the trip, and I do not even fuss when I do this anymore. I made that trip with Jacey a few times, and one time Marley went with Jacey while I stayed home.

Jacey Knows High Spots Make It Hard for the Human to Catch Her
Jacey Knows High Spots Make It Hard for the Human to Catch Her


Jacey loves it when she arrives, but she hates the carrier so much that she now knows when the human is going to go to work,  she finds a way to make a game out of it. She will climb to the top of the cabinets, and then when the human gets the step ladder, she will go under the bed. And then process repeats until the human gives up.

I on the other hand do not mind going on the short trip. So the human takes me a lot. And once I arrive, I relax and hang out.

This process, especially since I am now used to it, does not seem to have affected my blood sugar levels adversely. For the week, my blood sugar levels averaged 207. That is down a lot from last week, when they were above the level where they can have adverse effects over the long term.

I do not think the human plans on taking me to The Cat Cafe as a guest cat for the long haul but I do hope that he is able to find homes for lots of adoptable cats. He is going to try to find homes for special needs cats like me. We are the last ones to be adopted and he wants to show people that for the right human, we are wonderful companions.


I will let you know what happened with my blood sugar readings over the week next Monday. Until then, please keep visiting and I hope I can make you happy!

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