Senior Cat Sissy Needs Home

I think all of you will agree that no feline should spend their senior days in a shelter. We all deserve a home we can call our own to live out our golden years surrounded by humans who love us and who we can love in return.  But for my fellow diabetic cat Sissy, that is what she is facing. And she needs a furever home.

Senior Diabetic Cat Sissy
Senior Diabetic Cat Sissy

Sissy is under the care of the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society. These kind humans do a lot of good for my fellow felines. Established in 1992 in response to a growing feral population in Newburyport, Massachusetts, these kind humans initially focused on getting the feral population under control through a trap, neuter, and return program.

Since then, they have placed 18,000 felines in homes, spayed and neutered 40,000 cats, and handled 25,000 calls for assistance on their Spay Mass hotline. This hotline refers humans needing help to low cost spay and neuter facilities in their area.

And now they are looking to place one very special diabetic cat into a home so she can live the rest of her golden years with humans who love her.

Senior Diabetic Cat Sissy Needs a Home
Senior Diabetic Cat Sissy Needs a Home

Because Sissy is a diabetic cat, she needs to go to a home where the humans who care for her can give her two insulin shots per day. She also would like to be the only cat in the home, and she does not do well with small humans.

The combination of needing to be an only cat, being a diabetic cat, not liking small humans, and being a senior cat makes the number of humans who will care for Sissy very small. That is why the cat rescue group taking care of her will provide all of the supplies needed to treat her diabetes for as long as she lives!

If you are interested in being that very special human for my fellow diabetic cat, please contact the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society.

If you do not have room in your home for her — I know you have room in your heart for her — then please share her story so we can find her the furever home she deserves.

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4 Replies to “Senior Cat Sissy Needs Home”

  1. I´m sharing her story. Even if i lived closer I couldn´t take her as we have 2 very demanding boys ourselves… I wish her all the best luck. Will keep her in my prayers and wish her to find a forever home soonest possible! <3 <3 <3

  2. Hi Bagheera and her human. I will share Sissy’s story on my facebook page. Also please consider contacting a facebook page, The Grannies. They are devoted to helping senior cats find forever homes.

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