January 4 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, kind humans. It is time for me to update you on my blood sugar readings for the week that just ended.  I also have a story to share with you about my foster sisfur Marley. She is quite an amusing feline and she makes me, the human, and Jacey laugh quite a bit.

Remember how last week my blood sugar readings were much lower? They were at 207. This week, my blood sugar readings went up. They averaged 233. That is not bad, but I would much prefer the readings from last week.

One of the reasons why my blood sugar readings went up is because there was one day where I was flirting with hypoglycemia. My low reading for the week was 42, which is low enough to make the human nervous. That glucose level meant that the human did not give me any insulin.

As you can imagine, after that happened, my blood sugar went up. And that is when we saw the high reading for the week of 439. If my blood sugar readings were at this level for a long time, it could cause a lot of problems. But it is better to have them at this level for a short period of time than to risk hypoglycemia, which can be life threatening.

I am hopeful that we now have my blood sugar levels stabilized and that we will see better readings. These levels are not ideal, but at least they are safe.

Marley Likes to Hide In a Place Like This
Marley Likes to Hide In a Place Like This

Now for my sisfur Marley’s antics. This silly girl seems to finally be calming down. She is funny. She will do little laps around the living and dining area in the home. She has even started to wander towards the bedroom area!

Sometimes she stays out even when Jacey or I arrive. And when the human puts noms in front of Marley’s crate, she does not growl when Jacey or I consume them.

The human is thinking of taking down the crate, and letting Marley just use the hiding spot in her scratching post. What do you kind humans think about this?

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