Diabetic Cat Suki Needs a Home

It is difficult to find a special human to take in a diabetic cat like me. I love my human, but he adopted me when I was a tiny little mitten kitten, and he had no idea I would become diabetic. By the time I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat, he was already my human and I was already his cat so he could not abandon me. Asking a human to take in a special needs cat, though, can be a big challenge.

That is why I am glad that Diabetic Cats in Need told me about Suki. He’s an eight year old house panther who is in foster care with Rescued Treasures Pet Adoptions. And he’s a handsome dude.

Suki is a Diabetic Cat Looking for a Home
Suki is a Diabetic Cat Looking for a Home

Suki can go to any place in the United States and help will be provided in getting him to a kind human who adopts him. He is a furiendly feline with a lot of purrsonality, but he can get mouthy if he is overstimulated during play.

If your home has a small human, Suki does fine with small humans who are respectful of felines. And while it is best for felines to be indoor only cats, my fellow diabetic cat must remain indoors because sadly, he has been declawed on all four paws.

Suki is a lucky cat. While he’s a diabetic cat, he does not need insulin and his condition is controlled with diet only. Oh, if only that was the case for me!

According to his foster human, Suki likes to be brushed, which keeps his coat shiny and soft. He likes his foster humans, following them around and giving them head butts. And he is not a shy feline, because when it is time for him to relax, he will just sprawl out in the open even though other cats are around him.

Furiends, I know that there is room in your heart for my fellow diabetic cat. Hopefully there is room in your home for him. If that is the case, please contact Rescued Treasures. And if there is not, please share Suki’s story so he can find a furever home.

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