The Kitten Inn Is Helping Trooper

I recently learned about an organization called the Kitten Inn. They are doing some very good work, my furiends. Today I want to share with you the story of the work they are doing with a fellow special needs cat named Trooper.

The Kitten Inn is all the way on the other side of the world from me, furiends. They are located in New Zealand, near that country’s capital of Wellington. These kind humans work very hard to spay and neuter cats, care for pregnant cats and kittens, and find good homes for these felines when they are ready.

The Kitten Inn Is Helping Special Needs Cat Trooper
The Kitten Inn Is Helping Special Needs Cat Trooper

Recently, they came across a cat that they named Trooper. This poor guy had suffered damage to his eye that was so severe that the eye had to be removed. One of the humans in white coats who works with them performed that surgery, and turned to the Kitten Inn for help.

After the surgery, Trooper stayed with the humans in white coats until they could be sure that the other eye was working. This special needs cat got good news when the humans in white coats said that his remaining eye was working fine and the Kitten Inn could adopt him out.

If I were closer, I would tell the human to consider taking in Trooper. But the human told me that we cannot have any more felines in the home and Trooper lives too far away. I am hopeful that the kind humans at the Kitten Inn will be able to find a good home for him.

They have set up a fundraising effort to pay for the costs of removing Trooper’s eye. If you want to help them pay for helping my fellow special needs cat, they will be very happy and so will I!

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