Home Turned Into Cat Paradise

I know that the human does a lot of good for me and my fellow felines. But even though he is very dedicated in making sure that I, a diabetic cat, am well taken care of, he is not as dedicated as one human. This human, my furiends, turned his home into a cat paradise.

This all started when a human bought a home which had two feral felines hanging around it. One of those cats was killed by a car, so the human decided that he would bring the remaining cat inside.

Part of the House of Nekko
Part of the House of Nekko

Then he decided to make the home more cat friendly. He read a book called The Cat’s House, and got some ideas. Since he was a builder, he figured he could do all the things that were talked about in the book and more.

Since that day, he has spent more than $50,000 turning his home into a cat paradise. And he has brought more cats in, with the total number of cats in his home increasing to 15. These happy felines live in the home that has been named House of Nekko, which is the Japanese word for cat.

There are catwalks that run throughout the entire home, and there is even a koi pond so that the cats can have something to entertain them. And all of the litter boxes are in closets, with ventilation to the outside so their home does not smell bad.

In order to make sure that all of the fur gets cleaned up, there are five Roombas running constantly.

My furiends, I have a devoted and dedicated human. But even he is not as devoted to me as this human is to his 15 cats!

Do you think that Jacey, Marley and I should attempt to get the human to do something similar here? It was hard getting him to put up the shelves for us to explore. I do not think I can get him to spend $50,000 to make our home a cat paradise.

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