Let’s Help Diabetic Cat Snowball

As a diabetic cat, you know that I am very concerned about the well being of my fellow diabetic cats. It is difficult for us to find humans who can devote the time to care for us. The human is caring for me and doing a good job of it, so we know he is very dedicated. But even his dedication is limited. He is looking to highlight special needs cats at The Cat Cafe. But he cannot care for a diabetic cat there.

That means when a diabetic cat needs a home, it takes a lot of people working very hard to find him one. And that is the case for a cute feline named Snowball. He is located near Philadelphia, and he needs a home quickly.

Snowball Is a Diabetic Cat Who Needs a Home
Snowball Is a Diabetic Cat Who Needs a Home

Snowball is like me. He requires a lot of insulin. Currently, he is getting seven units of insulin twice a day. He is a fairly recent adoption, coming from a rescue group about a year ago. And his diabetes is too much for his current human to manage. The rescue that Snowball came from also is not able to take him back due to his medical conditions. So my fellow diabetic cat needs a home, and he needs one fast.

This is not a good situation, my furiends. Snowball needs a human who can care for his diabetes properly. And if he does not find one, things could get bad quickly.

Diabetic Cats in Need will help as much as they can. They will arrange for Snowball to be transported to a place where he has humans who can care for him properly.

Is that in your home? If it is, please contact the humans who are caring for him right now. And if it is not, please share his story so that we can find a home for him.

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