Daphne Needs a Good Home

Diabetic Cats in Need has scaled back its operations, but they continue to do good work for my fellow diabetic cats. They shared the story of a diabetic cat who shares more than a medical condition with me. She is also a SoCal cat, although she is not as near the coast as I am.

Diabetic Cat Daphne Needs a Home
Diabetic Cat Daphne Needs a Home

Daphne needs a new home because she does not like other felines. She gets along with canines, and loves humans, but it is better if she does not have any other felines in the home. Her current human says that she has to find a new home because the other cats in the home bother her and she does not like it. It is also getting more difficult to separate them and this is causing stress for everyone.

My fellow diabetic cat is 14 years old. Just like a typical diabetic cat, Daphne gets two shots of insulin per day and must endure ear sticks to make sure her blood sugar levels stay under control.

In addition to giving Daphne the shots she needs and the blood sugar testing, the human who takes her in must be committed to keeping the litter box clean. She does not tolerate a dirty litter box and this may have cause problems with inappropriate elimination before. But as long as the litter box is clean, this will not be a problem.

Daphne has been spayed, and other than being a diabetic cat, does not have any health problems. You will have to check on her nomming to make sure she does not gain any weight. But if you do that, it is likely this girl will enjoy her golden years.

The human cannot take in Daphne, or I would ask him to. But I told him I would share her story in the hopes that someone can. If you are interested, please contact Diabetic Cats in Need and if you cannot help Daphne, please share her story.

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