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Hi, everyone. Today my diabetic cat brofur is relaxing with the human. He asked me to talk for him, and since he and I are getting along better, I decided that I would.

First, I know that many of you are wondering how things are going with me, Bagheera, and Jacey. One of the things the human did in order to get me to interact with the other felines in the home is move our noms together. After all, if we nom together, that will help get us to trust each other better, right?

2015-02-14 07.38.15

As you can see from this picture, I am nomming while Bagheera is relaxing right on top of me. Because he is a diabetic cat, we all let him eat first. Then I come over and nom and Jacey sometimes ambushes me when I do this. That I do not like but I do not growl as long as I used to when she does.

I have some other happy stories to share with you. First is the story of a hero cat that saved her humans from a fire that completely burned down their van. She was able to wake them up and they were able to call firefighters to put out the fire. They were also able to warn the neighbors so that they could move their cars.

Then there was the story of Zora, who is dealing with the winter blues. She is looking for a furever home, and I hope she can find one soon. I think I have found my furever home, because the human tells me that he will only let me go to a home where I am the only cat. If not, I am staying here.

Finally, speaking of blues, one of Bagheera’s fellow diabetic cats is looking for a home, and she has beautiful blue eyes like me! She is in a cold place, Chicago, but she is safe with the humans in white coats. I am hopeful she can find a home soon.

Well, that is all from me. Jacey looks like she is about to attempt to ambush me, but I see her. So I will retreat into a safer place.

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