Shelter Closing, Cats Need Homes

My good furiend Lucky has told me about a sad situation taking place in South Carolina. A shelter that has helped many felines find homes is closing. I do not have many details on why they are closing, but those are not important right now. What is important is that many felines will need homes.

Furiends, I think that if you saw that video, you can see that there are many felines who need a cat rescue group or kind human to step in to help them. Fortunately, the cat rescue group that helped Lucky, Homeless Animals Rescue Team, is taking in some.

A Cat Rescue Closing Means Cats Need Homes
A Cat Rescue Closing Means Cats Need Homes

But they cannot take in all of these animals, my furiends. And we must find places for these felines to stay by March 31, when the shelter will shut its doors. That is not a lot of time.

You can see that there are many different kinds of cats who will need a new home. I spoke with the human and told him he needed to take some of them in for his business, since so many cats have gone to their homes from there. He told me that he cannot do it because these cats are too far away and that more felines will be coming from the cat rescue group he works with.

Let's Set Up Some of These Greetings
Let’s Set Up Some of These Greetings

So it is up to us, my furiends, to spread the word of this impending close. Then we can see if other humans who are closer can help these felines find homes.

There are many cat rescue stories waiting to be written with these cats. I hope that you are able to help. Please contact the humans running the shelter if you can help them. If you cannot, please spread the word as far as you can so that others can help.

I know that if we work very hard, we will be able to find all of these cats homes. And that would be a happy day!

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