Blood Sugar Readings for 2/22

Furiends, it is time to tell you once again what is happening with my blood sugar readings. This is one of the things that diabetic cats need to have monitored. If our blood sugar isn’t being controlled, we have to adjust our dosing of insulin.

Remember last week, the human was very concerned because my blood sugar levels, while getting lower, were closer that we liked to getting my into a hypoglycemic situation. We liked the average, but we didn’t like the highs and lows as much.

Well, this week, we did not flirt with hypoglycemia like we did last week. However, the result was that the average of my blood sugar readings went up. But that is okay. We would rather have that than risk hypoglycemia.

My Blood Sugar Readings Are Like This
My Blood Sugar Readings Are Like This

For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 238. We had a high reading that was above where we like it, when my blood sugar reading was 351. That is above the level where long term, it can cause problems. The low reading for the week was 87, which is a nice level to be at. In fact, if I could just be there for the whole week, I would not even be considered a diabetic cat anymore!

The human and I will continue to work hard at keeping my blood sugar levels at a safe level. It is a constant challenge we have, trying to make sure that we keep them low enough that we do not risk long term problems, but not so low that we risk hypoglycemia.

I am very grateful to have a human who works hard to do this for me. He is a kind human for doing so, and his care makes me willing to tolerate the needle sticks and ear sticks that he does to me twice a day.

I will let you know what my blood sugar readings are next Monday.

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