Very Happy News for Sassie

Right now, I am walking around with my tail straight up in the air. The tip of my tail is twitching, because I am so happy.

I just heard some really good news about Sassie. You will remember she is the feline who had a rough time. She lost her human, and then when she went for a routine visit to the humans in white coats, they discovered a mass that they could not operate on. Sassie went to live with my good furiend Lucky so that she could enjoy what the humans in white coats thought would be her last days.

Special Needs Cat Sassie Has Very Good News
Special Needs Cat Sassie Has Very Good News

It was a sad story for a sweet cat with a heart on her nose. But Sassie decided that she was a tough special needs cat. She must have received some inspiration from Lucky, who showed how strong special needs cats can be.

Sassie’s condition has been improving for the past seven months, and she has since shown that she’s got a little kitten left in her even though she is a senior cat of 11 years.

During the latest visit to the humans in white coats, Sassie and her humans got some really good news. The growth in her stomach has gotten a lot smaller. There is still fluid in there, so Sassie will, just like other special needs cats, need to be monitored.

But it is very good news that she is doing much better and I am very happy for Sassie and her furiends, both two legged and four legged!

The care for Sassie required many green paper things, and if you want to celebrate by helping Homeless Animals Rescue Team get the funds they need to cover her expenses, you can donate to them.

But you do not need to give green paper things to celebrate Sassie’s good news! I am very happy for my fellow special needs cat!

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