Marley Introduces a Sugar Cat

Hello, my furiends. Today I am making my shy sisfur Marley tell you about a diabetic cat like me who needs to find a furever home. You will learn soon why I am asking Marley to tell you about him. Now go talk, Marley!

Fine, Bagheera. The reason that Bagheera is having me tell you about one of his fellow diabetic cats is because we share a name. We are both named Marley.

Diabetic Cat Marley
Diabetic Cat Marley

The diabetic cat named Marley is older than me, because he is a senior cat of 15 years. He was in the Burlington County Animal Shelter for a while before being transferred to Animal Outreach. While he was in the shelter, they learned that Marley is a diabetic cat.

Like most diabetic cats, Marley has to endure two ear sticks a day and he also must get insulin shots. He is as good about it as Bagheera is, and on top of that, he loves to be petted and loves hopping into human laps to cuddle. He is a very friendly and laid back cat.

Diabetic Cat Marley Relaxing
Diabetic Cat Marley Relaxing

Besides the diabetes, this boy Marley is different than me in one big way. He likes other felines. I, on the other hand, only tolerate my brofur Bagheera and sisfur Jacey. Every now and then Bagheera has to stomp his paw to let me know to be nice, but that is not the case with diabetic cat Marley.

My namesake deserves a home of his own to live out his golden years. His diabetes makes things a little more challenging, but that is not a reason to pass him up.

Let’s help Marley find a human who will give him a loving home for his golden years. I am sure that if enough of you share his story, we will find him that home. You can contact Animal Outreach if you are interested in giving him one.

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