Bengal Cat Jack Needs Our Help

We bengal cats are playful, active, intelligent, and curious. Sometimes, this combination can get us in trouble. It has not happened yet for me, Jacey, and Marley, but we do drive the human crazy with our antics and sometimes he has to stop us from putting ourselves in potentially dangerous situations.

This caused some problems for a bengal cat mix named Jack. He did something that Jacey and Marley do all the time, when he hopped onto the top of a high kitchen cabinet. Unfortunately for Jack, the cabinet must have been higher than the one we have. He slipped and fell, and bounced off the stove. Then he hit the ground, and the result was a broken leg and a dislocated hock.

My Fellow Bengal Cat Jack
My Fellow Bengal Cat Jack

You might think that a broken leg is no big deal, but Jack’s injury would have required extremely challenging surgery and an extensive rehabilitation process. This process would have required more green paper things than Jack’s humans had, so they made the difficult but humane decision to euthanize him.

Fortunately, CATS Cradle Shelter stepped in to help Jack. Instead of forcing him to deal with the surgery and recovery, the humans in white coats decided it was more humane to amputate his leg. This is similar to what the humans in white coats did for a feline adopted from the human’s workplace.

Now Jack and I share two things in common. We are both bengal cats, and we are both special needs cats. And I am hoping that you can help my fellow special needs cat.

You can only imagine how much CATS Cradle Shelter had to spend on caring for Jack. But they decided that since my fellow bengal and soon to be special needs cat was only six months old, it was well worth it.

Jack’s recovery has made them very happy, and I hope that he will continue to make the kind of progress we have seen from him. And you can help CATS Cradle Shelter give the kind of care they have given to Jack to other felines in the future.

You do not even have to part with green paper things, my furiends. All you have to do is vote for Corky the Cradle Cat in a contest! The winner of the contest gets many green paper things.

I am very happy that my furiend and fellow special needs bengal cat Jack is doing well. Now let’s help him get some green paper things for the shelter that did so much to help him.

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