Very Sad News About Zoe

Today I must share with you a very sad story. Remember how I told you about Zoe, the feline my fellow special needs cat Lucky told me about? After ten years with a human family, she had been dumped at a shelter. She was pulled from the shelter, and she was going to a good furever home. Lucky and I were very happy to share this cat rescue with you.

Zoe was at a foster home, where the humans she was staying with gave her lots of love. Today, those foster humans came home to a very sick Zoe. Zoe had stopped eating noms, drinking water, and she was not using the litter box.

Furiends, when this happens, it means the poor feline is very sick. Zoe’s foster human knew this, and immediately rushed her to the humans in white coats. They were hoping that Zoe could have a second cat rescue, this time of the medical kind.

The humans in white coats worked very hard to see if they could have a miraculous medical cat rescue. They administered fluids to Zoe. They tried very hard to get her to fight to live.

Zoe's Cat Rescue Ended Sadly
Zoe’s Cat Rescue Ended Sadly

But Zoe’s body had begun to shut down, my furiends. No cat rescue was possible without her fighting against whatever was ailing her. The pretty eyes you saw, even though they were scared, had become glassy. And she was soiling herself.

Multiple humans in white coats were consulted, including one who has a reputation for not giving up in even cases where the odds against recovery are very long. The conclusion was the same. It was more humane to let Zoe go than to fight to keep her alive.

It is very sad that Zoe never had the chance to experience the love that all felines deserve. She deserved better than to have been tossed away after ten years of giving her best to humans who thought of her as a disposable thing instead of a loving feline.

But in her last days, she was able to experience the good side of humans. I am glad that she had a few days of that, my furiends. The cat rescue may not have had the outcome we wanted, but at least Zoe got that.

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3 Replies to “Very Sad News About Zoe”

  1. Oh my God, crying my eyes out! Poor sweet Zoe! So sorry that she wasn´t able to enjoy her new life, but good that her last days was filled with love at least! RIP sweet lovely Zoe! May you play free and painfree at Rainbow Bridge! <3 <3 <3

    1. I think that being dumped at the shelter was it for poor Zoe. She did not know why she was there, and she may have gotten sick there. It is very sad that the humans who received her love for ten years abandoned her.

      1. I agree. I was sickened and angry to read this and have no respect for those who do so. Other than death, I do not feel there is any justification for dumping a pet after so many years. I have moved before and never rehomed my fur kids, it was simple: no moving unless we all move to a new place together. It is not as easy to rent with pets but places that allow them do exist, and if there is a pet deposit then you pay it. Would you give your human kid away if the landlord required a deposit to allow them to live there?! Most will say fur kids are not human and it is not the same thing, they are not equal. My view is that they do not deserve to nor should they have fur kids- you have compassion and humanity for all things or you do not.

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