March 29 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. I hope that you enjoyed Jacey talking to you yesterday. It is good for me to let her talk to you, because she loves to talk to me, to Marley, and the human. Since Jacey is a happy girl and she likes to share her happiness with anyone around, I wanted to give her a chance to do that with you.

It is good for me to have Jacey around, because sometimes, when my blood sugar readings do not cooperate with me, I am not happy. But having my playful and cheerful sisfur around makes me feel better. This week, I definitely needed that.

My Blood Sugar Readings Made Me Want This
My Blood Sugar Readings Made Me Want This

My blood sugar readings for the week were not horrible, but they were not as good as I would have liked. They averaged 232, which is up from last week’s average of 223. It is not a huge jump, but after we had a week where they averaged below 200, to see them back above that number is not something that makes me happy.

Do not think that I am upset about my blood sugar readings. It just means that I want them to be better than they are. I am grateful to have a human who works so hard to try to make things better for me.

Even if my blood sugar readings do not get any lower, we are in a situation where it is not dangerous. I do not have to worry about the long term side effects of uncontrolled diabetes if my glucose levels remain where they are. The long term effects of uncontrolled diabetes include diabetic neuropathy and liver complications.

I hope to have better news for you next week. Until then, I will take advantage of having a happy and cheerful sisfur like Jacey around and let her antics make me laugh.

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