Let’s Help Mr. No Ears

Remember when I shared with you the story of my fellow special needs cat Mr. No Ears? This kind feline is missing both ears, and one eye, but he is loved by the visitors to a hotel near the beach in Albufeira, Portugal.

Special Needs Cat Mr. No Ears is Cared for by Amigos dos Gatos do Algorve
Special Needs Cat Mr. No Ears is Cared for by Amigos dos Gatos do Algorve

The kind humans at Amigos Dos Gatos do Algarve care for Mr. No Ears and the rest of his feral colony. At one point, it was feared that Mr. No Ears and his colony had been kicked out of the hotel where he lived. This came about as the result of a offhand comment by one of the staff, who said he had to wipe down the tables if Mr. No Ears and his furiends walked on them.

Fortunately, this was a misunderstanding. For a special needs cat who needed a comfortable place to stay, that was very good news. Mr. No Ears went right back home quickly.

Special Needs Cat Mr. No Ears
Special Needs Cat Mr. No Ears

It will come as no surprise to you that it requires green paper things to care for Mr. No Ears, especially since he is a special needs cat. Oh, I was just told by the human that in Portugal, they are not green paper, but they are multicolored. That does not make sense but I do not care.

In addition to caring for my fellow special needs cat and his furiends, they helped a colony of 42 felines! That is a lot of felines, and not surprisingly, that required a lot of money. Their efforts depleted their reserves, and they are now looking to build those back up.

Amigos dos Gatos do Algarve is asking for help. They are half way towards their goal and they have 25 days left to reach it. Can we help them?

If you want to help Amigos dos Gatos do Algarve, you can contribute to their campaign. And if you cannot spare any money for them, please share their campaign so that others can.

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