Meet Millie From Tenth Life

I have shared many stories that come to me from Tenth Life‘s most famous alumni, Lincoln. There is another story that I want to share with you from them.

Despite being a diabetic cat, I am fortunate in many ways. I have a human who cares for me and he has enough green paper things to make sure I get the care I need. I will always have a roof over my head and noms to eat.

Cat Rescue Group Saves Millie
Millie Is Available From Tenth Life

That is not what was going on with Millie before Tenth Life carried out a cat rescue. Millie, you see, was abandoned when she was only one year old. She went to live with a colony of feral cats. And Millie, since she was not fixed, went on to have many litters of kittens.

A kind human gave Millie noms, but she never took her to the humans in white coats. Recently, Millie became very sick, and the kittens she had did not survive. That is when another human stepped in and asked if Millie could be surrendered to a cat rescue group.

Just like with most cat rescues, Millie went to the humans in white coats. She was sick, with infections and a positive FIV test. The prognosis was not good for her, but her advocate asked the white coated humans to try. With some help from the Cat Aid Fund, Millie got an antibiotic shot. She was fortunate when the cat rescue group selected for her to go to was Tenth Life.

Millie’s recovery is moving along quite well, especially when you consider that she is 14 years old! Despite being a cat of the streets, she is a very loving feline. She loves to hop into her foster human’s lap and follows her human around the house. Millie is also good with canines and other felines.

Millie still has some irritation in her eyes, but that does not keep her from being a furiendly and sweet feline. She deserves to spend her golden years cuddling on a lap of a loving human. Maybe that is you?

If it is, please contact Tenth Life and if you cannot take her, please share her story so that someone can give Millie the home she deserves.

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