Orange Cat Needs Some Help

Furiends, I have to say that I do not like the name of the feline whose story I am going to share. Granted, I live in a home with a girl cat who has a boy’s name (Marley). But Orange Cat just does not sound good to me.

While I do not care for the name, what is important is that a kind human rescued this cat, who had been abandoned by a neighbor due to issues with urination. These humans built Orange Cat (I still do not like saying that name) a small apartment so that he could be comfortable.

Orange Cat In His Apartment
Orange Cat In His Apartment

You see, where Orange Cat lives, this was needed. It does not get cold here, and we do not have water drops or white cold things falling from the sky very often. That is not true for him.

He does not spend too much time in that home, though. He prefers to spend his time outside, watching the human who has cared for him in the garden, sunning himself, or just hanging out on the grass.

And he is very kind to other felines. When the human who cares for Orange Cat tried to get her other felines to wear a harness, he just watched, and probably laughed. He was outside of his house on one cold day, and his human caretaker came to straighten things up in there. Out came an injured cat who had a limp and an injured face.

This kind feline had given up his warm home to a cat who was hurt! And he did it again, giving up some noms and water to a stray cat who needed it more than him.

Now, though, it is time for him to be helped. It appears that Orange Cat has a problem with his teeth and it is likely that the humans in white coats will have to treat it. He also has a growth on his stomach which may need treatment.

Let's Help Orange Cat See the Humans in White Coats
Let’s Help Orange Cat See the Humans in White Coats

It will require many green paper things for the humans in white coats to treat Orange Cat. His humans can use some help with this. Can you help this very kind feline with a strange name? If you cannot, please share his story so that others can.

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