Diabetic Cat Needs Urgent Help

Two weeks does not seem like a long time, but is it all the time that one of my fellow diabetic cats has to live unless we can find him a new home. That is the sad news I learned from Operation PAW.

Caring for a diabetic cat requires a human to be able to make sure that they are there every twelve hours so that we can get our blood sugar tested and our insulin shot. I am fortunate to have a human who can commit to this.

Not all humans can do this. Hurricane Pets Rescue said that is what is happening with a diabetic cat who lives in Davie, Florida. His human does not have a work schedule that allows him to care for his diabetic cat. Rather than let his condition deteriorate, his human would rather send him across the Rainbow Bridge.

Let's Save an Orange Tabby Diabetic Cat
Let’s Save an Orange Tabby Diabetic Cat

Sadly, this feline, who is an orange tabby like my good furiend Lucky, only has two weeks left to live unless he can find a home. That is not good, my furiends.

It is difficult to find a human who will take on the added responsibility of caring for a diabetic cat like me. Many humans who share their homes with cats like us because we are low maintenance creatures who do not need to be walked many times a day like canines.

Orange Tabby Lying Down
Orange Tabby Lying Down

Even though caring for a diabetic cat does not require the same kind of time commitment, it does require additional effort and quite a few green paper things. I understand why some humans cannot make that commitment.

That means we must work very hard to find this orange tabby a home. Please share his story as far as you can and let’s hope he can find that home he needs! And if you are that special human he needs, please contact Hurricane Pets Rescue.

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  1. Hello…

    I used a cat photo credited to your site as a cameo part in a music video titled Fat Cats… it was the photo of a “cat with headphones” …You might want to notify the cat…who may start being recognized in public.. on you tube….
    Fat Cats by Jimbro Friends
    Thank you.

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